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Ways To Improve Gum Health

Ways to Improve Gum Health

While most people think that it is only teeth that are responsible for making or breaking a beautiful smile, the gums also play an important

Causes of bad breath

Causes of Bad Breath

Having a beautiful smile is wonderful, however it is also important to have a fresh breath as well. At the very least, most people want

The Many Benefits of Composite Resin

The Many Benefits of Composite Resin

When you are having cosmetic dental treatment to improve the look of your smile, your results are not only based on the treatment itself, but

What Saliva Does

What Saliva Does

Saliva, commonly referred to as spit, is a clear, lubricating fluid that resides in the mouth. There are many different components of saliva, including water,

5 Reasons to Consider Porcelain Veneers

5 Reasons to Get Veneers

Do your teeth not look as bright as they once did? Are there minor structural imperfections or damages like chips or cracks? Would you consider

Veneers vs. Invisalign

Veneers vs. Invisalign: Which is Best?

Crooked teeth, as well as teeth that are improperly spaced, are two main concerns that people hope to address with cosmetic dentistry. Luckily, there are

Common Flossing Mistakes

Common Flossing Mistakes

Many people know they are supposed to brush their teeth twice a day and floss at least once a day to remove excess plaque and

Why Gum Health Matters

Why Gum Health Matters

Although having healthy and beautiful teeth are a large part of having a gorgeous smile, they are not the only thing you need to pay

What is the Black Triangle

What is the Black Triangle?

Many people are familiar with famous triangles such as the Bermuda triangle or the pythagorean triangle. Not as many people are familiar with dentistry’s black

Dark Lines on Porcelain Restorations

Dark Lines on Porcelain Restorations

After having cosmetic dental treatment, you may be expecting your smile to look perfect forever. While cosmetic dental treatments do have varying lifespans that are

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