5 Reasons to Gift Yourself Dental Implants for the New Year

5 Reasons to Gift Yourself Dental Implants for the New Year

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implant surgery is a procedure that replaces damaged teeth with artificial ones that look and function almost like the real ones. Dental implant surgery is a popular preference for dentures or bridgework because of its various benefits. 

5 reasons you should gift yourself dental implants for the New Year. 

1. Dental Implants Have Cosmetic Benefits 

People often feel embarrassed about missing teeth. People may not want to attend social events or take pictures because they feel self-conscious. Receiving dental implant surgery will help improve your self-esteem by returning your beautiful youthful smile. Dental implants look like real teeth and unlike dentures, there is no risk of slipping or risk of infection from exposed gums.

2. Dental Implants Allow Proper Mouth Function

When you have a tooth that is extremely injured or you already have missing teeth, your chewing ability diminishes. You will have to eat softer foods and drink more fluids instead of hard or chewy foods. With dental implants, your chewing power is renewed which allows you to enjoy a more well-rounded diet with foods like apples and nuts. Missing or damaged teeth can also affect your speech. This could cause slurring or a decreased ability to produce certain sounds. Dental implants will help restore and improve your pronunciation abilities. 

3. Dental Implants Benefit Your Oral Health

A worn-out tooth or a missing tooth can lead to infections and/ or periodontal disease. This happens because bacteria and food get stuck in the gaps of exposed gums. Severe gum disease can lead to further tooth loss and complications. Replacing missing or decayed teeth is detrimental to preserving the health of the neighboring teeth surrounding the affected area. Bridges and dentures often provide more difficult areas for bacteria to build up which is why dental implants are a better option. You will also be able to continue your oral hygiene routine by brushing your teeth and flossing regularly without complications. Dental implants do not require any more maintenance than the rest of your teeth. 

4. Dental Implants last a long time

Dental implants are permanent teeth replacements and with metal materials and modern techniques, implants are lasting even longer. While they do cost more than dentures, modern techniques, and high-quality metals ensure that they last longer making them a more cost-effective option. Implants are more comfortable and look more natural than dentures allowing you to laugh and speak without the anxiety of them falling out.   

5. The Wintertime Gives You Time To Heal

Dental implant surgery is a lengthy and multi-stepped process. Beginning with oral surgery to place the implant screw. The artificial implant will be left in place for usually 3-6 months allowing it to merge with the surrounding bone. Only after this fusion happens will an implant be considered successful. Then, the dental prosthesis is fabricated and placed. 

After your surgery, your implant dentist will give you directions to follow. These guidelines will include specific information on managing pain and swelling, how to cleanse your cut, and what to eat while you recover. The dentist will also schedule follow-up appointments so they can monitor your progress. 

Due to the longevity of the process, the wintertime is considered the ideal time to start the procedure because you have time to rest and be indoors. You also will not be exposed to high temperatures that also affect the healing process. Dr. Dhaval and his dental team at Empire Dental in Kamloops, BC are ready to help you achieve your best smile. Give them a call at 250-374-7227 to schedule a consultation.

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