12 Fun Facts About Dental Implants

Facts About Dental Implants

Fun Facts About Dental Implants

36 million Americans have no teeth, and over 120 million have at least one missing tooth. When it comes to replacing missing teeth, dental implants are one of the best solutions. Below are 12 fun facts that might convince you to get dental implants.

1. A Long Track Record

Successful for more than 30 years, modern dental implants are the strongest and most natural-looking treatment available to support replacement teeth.

2. More insurance companies are recognizing the long-term benefits of dental implants. 

An increasing number of insurance companies have started to provide some coverage for dental implants recognizing their long-term benefits.

3. Constantly Evolving

Dental screw implants have come a long way since the first one was placed in 1937. They have changed drastically in both form and function. Today, they are made from a variety of materials, including titanium, and are placed in the jawbone to provide support for dental prosthetics.

4. Dental Chair Invention in the 18th Century

In 1790, the first chair made for dental patients, which included an adjustable headrest and arm extension to hold dental instruments was constructed by American dentist Josiah Flagg.

5. Replaced Less Often

While many other alternatives such as dentures and bridges, need to be replaced every 5 to 10 years, properly cared-for dental implants can last decades.

6. A Long History

Ancient dental implants have been traced back to around 600 AD when tooth-like pieces of shell were hammered into the jaw of a Mayan woman.

7.  Millions Of People Improve Their Smiles 

3 million Americans are experiencing the benefits of implants. This number is growing by approximately 500,000 annually.

8. The AAID

In 1951, in order to share their knowledge of the practice of implantology, a small group of dentists who were successfully placing dental implants, formed the American Academy of Implant Dentistry.

9. A High Success Rate

When performed by a trained and experienced dental implant dentist, dental implant surgery is one of the safest and most predictable procedures in dentistry. These new teeth feel, look and function naturally making them a popular dental procedure.

10. Require The Same Oral Hygiene As The Rest Of Your Teeth

Although Dental implants do not decay, they do need the same routine care, checkups, and cleanings as natural teeth. Essential parts of good oral hygiene that prolong the lifespan of your implants are brushing, flossing, and mouth rinse. Visit your dentist every six months for dental exams and cleanings.

11. Made From Titanium

Titanium is the same medal found in aircraft, bicycle frames, and other high-performance products. Swedish orthopedic surgeon P.I. Branemark made the discovery that titanium naturally fuses with the bone. He eventually switched his focus from mouth to hip and knee. 

12. Beneficial To Your Teeth

The only dental restoration option that preserves natural bone and actually helps to stimulate bone growth is dental implants.

Time to Replace My Missing Teeth With Dental Implants?

Dental implants are a great option for people who are tired of dealing with dentures, partials, or bridges. To be a candidate, you must be in good oral health, with healthy gum tissues and sufficient bone density in the jaw. Even if you have suffered bone loss, you may still be able to get implants thanks to advances in diagnostics and bone reconstruction, including bone grafting.

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