Itero scanner in Kamloops, BC


iTero digital scanners are one of the many technological advancements that are making modern dentistry easier and more pleasant for patients than ever before. These digital scanners are used in place of dental impressions to obtain the information needed for treatment planning. Instead of a gooey dental impression that takes about a minute, iTero scanners are able to obtain 3-D images of the treatment area within seconds. These images capture all the information necessary to develop a treatment plan and are often more accurate than dental impressions. 

Did You Know?

During an oral scan with an iTero scanner, about 2,000 frames are taken at various angles per second. These thousands of images are then digitally compiled into a single 3-D image that is highly detailed. 

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Am I a candidate for iTero?

Since digital scans performed with an iTero scanner are used instead of dental impressions, you are likely to be a candidate for an iTero scan in lieu of a dental impression. In most cases, digital scans are obtained before beginning orthodontic treatment or when having a dental restoration fabricated. Digital scans are also ideal for patients who struggle with a traditional dental impression or have a sensitive gag reflex.

What should I expect when having an iTero digital scan?

Digital scans with iTero are quick, easy, and painless. To complete a scan, your dentist will simply place a tiny wand inside your mouth and move it around to obtain the necessary images. The entire scan can be completed in less than a minute and is considered to be comfortable by most patients. 

It is also important to note that iTero scanners do not require the application of titanium dioxide powder to the teeth like other digital scanners. This means that there is no preparation needed to have an iTero scan, so the entire process is quick. Another benefit of the iTero scanner is that you will be able to see your image immediately. This allows your dentist to obtain another image if the first one was not satisfactory. Unlike dental impressions, this can save you from needing another dental appointment. 

Is radiation used by the iTero digital scanner?

Amazingly, iTero scanners do  not use radiation to produce images, rather they simply use visible light to create an image. Simply stated, the work similarly to a camera.  

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