Sedation Post-Op Instructions

During your dental procedure, you may be sedated using inhaled, oral, or IV sedation. When deeper levels of sedation are used, there are some post-operative guidelines to be aware of.

For the first 24 hours following sedation, patients cannot:

Make important life decisions
Operate hazardous devices
Lift anything heavy
Consume any stimulants or sedatives (including alcohol, caffeine, cola, nicotine, or recreational drugs)
Care for infants or young children on their own

To keep patients safe while under recovering from sedation, patients should:

Have a responsible adult to accompany them home and remain with them until the sedation wears off
Avoid going up and down stairs unattended
Eat soft foods as soon as possible
Drink plenty of liquids and remain hydrated
Not be left alone
Have someone hold their arm while walking
Take all medications as directed
Call our office with questions or concerns
Seek emergency care if necessary

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