Digital Technology

At Dr. DHAVAL’s office we strive to use our digital technology to it’s full potential. Whether it’s digital x-rays of your teeth, digital pictures of your mouth, or close up views with our intraoral cameras, this technology is used every day for every patient. In our office a picture helps our patients tell us their story, their concerns, their most pressing need for that visit.

Digital intraoral cameras and digital SLR cameras are used continually through out the day with every patient to make sure that you can see exactly what we see.

Digital radiography is used exclusively at our office having many advantages over traditional film radiography:

Virtually instant viewing
Reduce exposure to radiation by 80% compared with a traditional x-rays
Environmentally friendly as no processing or developing chemicals are used
Patients see what the doctor sees on 21 inch computer monitors
Images are stored electronically to share with specialists and insurance companies to communicate effectively

xray of a mouth

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