Vaping and your Oral Health

woman vaping

“CDA advises against the use of waterpipe devices because users inhale and absorb a significant load of toxic chemicals similar to cigarette smoke and known to cause dependence, cancer as well as other heart and lung diseases. With respect to e-cigarettes, the long-term effects on general and oral health are not yet known.”
—Canadian Dental Association 

Vaping is responsible for many oral health problems although vaping causes fewer oral health problems than smoking itself.

Here are some Oral health concerns related to Vape habits.

  1. The liquid in a vape (propylene glycol) is responsible for dry mouth.
  2. It causes inflammation and redness of gums.
  3. It causes halitosis (bad breath) as continuous use of vape can increases the bacterial load around the teeth.
  4. It cases periodontitis (disease of gums and bone) and increases teeth mobility.
  5. Vaping with nicotine increases the risk of periodontitis and tooth loss. 
  6. It stains the teeth.

What can you do to minimize the damage?

  1. Drink lots of water to keep your mouth hydrated after you vape.
  2. Reduce nicotine intake. 
  3. Brush twice daily for two minutes. 
  4. Floss daily.
  5. Get regular dental cleanings and check ups to maintain your periodontal health.

See your dentist right away if you have –

  • Bleeding or swollen gums 
  • Changes in sensitivity to temperature
  • Frequent dry mouth 
  • Loose teeth
  • Mouth ulcers or sores that don’t seem to heal
  • Toothache or mouth pain
  • Receding gums.

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