What to Know About Teeth Whitening

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Teeth Whitening
There are hundreds of products available over the counter for whitening, such as Crest whitening strips, 3D whitening toothpaste, mouthwashes, etc. They work in some instances but one product does not fit all the teeth.

Here at Empire Dental, Dr. Dhaval Admar will check your teeth thoroughly before whitening your smile.

There are 5 things you should consider before getting your teeth whitening done in our office or choosing whitening products over the counter.

1) Not all stains are the same. Know whether your stains are internal or external. Only external stains respond to whitening effectively. Internal stains require a different treatment plan.

2) Your eating, drinking and smoking habits should be addressed before choosing whitening products and frequency of whitening.

3) Defective Enamel (enamel hyperplasia, fluorosis, hypo calcification, etc.) do not respond favorably to whitening. Moreover, you are prone to damaging your teeth if you do not choose the right path for your whiter and brighter smile.

4) Acidic level and RDA value (Relative Dentin Abrasivity) of the whitening products is an important factor. Many whitening products are acidic (PH below 7) in nature and corrosive, which causes erosion to your teeth if used more than indicated, for a longer period of time, or on teeth with Dentin exposures.
RDA value indicates tooth cutting ability of the toothpaste.
0-70 means low abrasive
70-100 medium and
100 -150 Heavily abrasive
More than 150 is extremely harmful.

5) Quality of teeth: Dental cavities in between your front teeth, thin enamel, dentin exposures, non-vital teeth, and many more complications must be addressed and treated by Dr. Dhaval before getting into whitening. Sometimes you are better off with veneers if your teeth are at risk with whitening.

Know your teeth well enough and get an experts advice before choosing whitening products. Get your teeth checked and cleaned with your dentist before getting into whitening.

Here at Empire Dental our hygienists clean your teeth thoroughly before whitening. All our existing patients get a take-home kit after in-office whitening with instructions on its use. We top it up from time to time at your regular hygiene appointments at no extra cost (white for life).

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